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Membership Fees


Lars Owner

“We take care of you individually. CrossFit Mitte is a stylish Box a la Mitte with a Motto of a positive thinking charma and networking concept in the start up field. We have the most international communnity and coaches. The  Box Owner is always there and the groups stay small”. (Lars Runne, Box Owner)




4 Weeks CrossFit ALL ACCESS On Ramp -Limited OFFER*:75,00 EUR(limited offer, apply here)

*For Beginners & Berlin residents only, you can train 4 x week, includes a “Motivated” Membership 2x week plus 6 Basic Skill Classes


Sneak Tickets:

  • Trial ClassFREE (direct sign in here)
  • Drop-in: 15 EUR (max 3x), or Free Drop-in, when you purchase a shirt for 25 EUR instead or pay 45 EUR one time and get 3 x Drop-in with a shirt of your choice for free (direct sign in here)

10% Discount for Students

  • Motivated: 1-2x week 110 EUR (1 month) /  99 EUR (6 month contract) 
  • Dedicated: 3-4x week 140 EUR (1 month) / 130 EUR (6 month contract )
  • Addicted: unlimited 180 EUR ( 1 month) / 160 EUR (6 month contract)

Session cards

10 times (Premium, 3 month valid): 149 EUR
20 times (Premium, 6 month valid): 285 EUR

Personal Training: (max 10 persons)

  • 1 time 90   EUR
  • 10 times 800  EUR

* All prices are in EUR inclusive of VAT

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